WSSE 2019 Paper&Publication Registration Path

Making presentation (poster or oral) and publishing papers. You need to submit the full paper before submission deadline. The conference committee will be reviewed by committee. Then you'll be granted the chance to present your paper if it passes the review.

Registration Fee | 注册费

1. Normal participants (普通作者): 500 USD | 3500 RMB
2. Student participants (学生作者): 450 USD | 3150 RMB
3. Committee participants (委员会作者): 400 USD | 2800 RMB
4. Group registration (集体): please mail
5. Additional Paper(两篇或两篇以上): 350 | 2450 RMB
6. Additional pages(五页以上): 50 USD | 350 RMB
7. One day visit (一日游): 100 USD | 700 RMB

Registration Includes | 注册包括

1. Admission to all sessions (可以参加所有分会)
2. 15 minutes (Including Q&A) for presentation (15分钟报告包括问答)
3. Certificate, Name tag, Conference bag, Souvenir (参会者,证书,会议礼品等)
4. Lunches, coffee breaks and Dinner (午餐,晚餐, 茶歇)
5. Conference Schedule/Abstracts (会议日程)
6. Conference proceedings (USB/Hard copy) (会议论文集)

To register as Paper/Publication |注册步骤

After you received the formal notification letter, you can follow steps below to finish registration.

1. Download Registration form here (下载注册表)
2. Fill the form and make payment here. (填写注册表,完成付费)
3. Send form to mail address: (将注册表和付款凭证发送邮箱至
4. The conference secretary will feed you back with registration confirmation (会议秘书会在三个工作日内查收并回复您的邮件,确认是否注册成功)
For another payment methods (bank transfer or pay pal account), please mail (如需其它付款方式信息,电汇,paypal 账户,请发邮件至会议邮箱)

Registration Onsite | 现场注册

You can make the payment onsite the conference. But the presentation time will be arranged for you onsite. We will just offer you the presenter's certificate with handwriting instead of printing. (可以在现场完成注册,但是证书代表证及报告时间都是现场准备)
Note: it could be better to register in advance. So all materials can be prepared for you. (建议您提前完成注册,以便于我们尽快为您准备相关资料)

Any questions, please mail


  • Any questions, please mail
  • Ms.Amber Lin
  • Email:
  • Tel:  +1-562-606-1057 (English)
    +86 13688461344 (Chinese)

Listener Path

Author&Presenter Path

1. Submit full paper or abstract here.

2. We will feed you back within three working days.
3. Pre-review and review about 15-20 days
4. Notification letter will be mailed
5. re-edit paper according comments and register then

Any questions, please mail